Makers of Thorium AK24 Bowman

"It's the most realistic and fun way to play like a keyboardist but sound like a lead guitarist that we've ever seen." ~Keyboard Magazine
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Real Hammers. Real Strings. Real Tone.
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~We appreciate the high praise!

You can play it with a bow 
We love keyboards! We have always wished they sounded more real than some of the microchip based stuff we had access to . . . You know. What if real was actually real?
So we built this new type of keyboard instrument that responds to bowing, drumming, slapping, and even feeds back if you crank it up. Please watch a video or two at the bottom of this page~ 
Video 1 Introduction Video                                  Video 2 New! Polyphonic Model (call for pricing)     Video 3 New! Player's POLY demo from Germany